755 Office Group


Hank and Billye Aaron

The Aarons founded 755 Restaurant Corporation in 1995 with two Church╩╝s Chicken locations.

— Favorite Quote —

"I always believed if I could just get into something and keep it growing, I could do well."

Victor Haydel

Victor came aboard in 1995, joining the Aarons in growing 755 Restaurant Corporation.

— Favorite Quote —

"To thine own self be true."

Relton Hylton
Director of Operations

Relton joined 755 in 1998 bringing over 20 years QSR experience with him.

— Favorite Quote —

"Inspect what you expect."

Louis Tanenbaum
Compliance Manager

Louis joined 755 Restaurant Corporation over 10 years ago.

— Favorite Quote —

"Never practice on the customer. Training is your secret weapon."

Karen West

Karen brings 25 years experience in accounting to 755 and has been here since 1996.

— Favorite Quote —

"The ' — ' is what it's all about."

Market Supervisors


Dorinda Aaron-Bowen
Market Supervisor, Krispy Kreme & 755 Employee Relations Manager

Dorinda joined 755 in 2004. She came to 755 after 23 years working for Bellsouth in Public Communications.

— Favorite Quote —

"Good times and warm memories."

Tod Fraser
Market Supervisor, Popeyes

Tod brings 27 QSR experience to 755 which he joined in 1999.

— Favorite Quote —

"Take care of the business and the business will take care of you."

Peggy Ramsey
Market Supervisor, Popeyes

Peggy, after 39 years in QSR, came to 755 in 2001.

— Favorite Quote —

"I always strive to do my best."

Chase Haydel
Market Supervisor, Popeyes

Chase joined 755 in 1999 with over 20 years of hospitality experience ranging from QSR to fine dining and casino experience.

— Favorite Quote —

"To succeed in life in today's world, you must have the will and tenacity to finish the job."